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Fiona Thompson (Queen Fi) hails from Kingston, Jamaica and now resides in, Middle Georgia, USA. She is an amazing counselor, author, and motivational speaker. She advocates for women who are lost, hurt, abused and in need of guidance to figure out their path in life. Whether they are lost, battered, and or feeling hopeless in life, Fiona takes her clients through the journey of transformation into an independent, and healed individual. 

Her book, Dear Queen Hear God's Wisdom, is a book filled with affirmations meant to encourage and uplift women in distress. This book's sole purpose is to give strength and provide them the voice that helps them through adversity. 

She wishes that similar suffering and pain never comes near anyone; hence she decided to take on the role as counselor, mentor, child and mental health advocate, and motivational speaker. She is also a US Army Veteran, and this experience was most gratifying for her as she has a passion to serve. She indeed served her country well.

Later, to be a master at her skill, she acquired a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Christian Counseling) and a Masters in Developmental Psychology. She wants to gain the best tools, to help people in need with the proper approach. To better help women, she has established Dear Queen Foundation LLC. With this foundation, Fiona aims to assist in ending the pain and suffering others are enduring and help other women in their time of need. Indeed, she has been there and understands the value of that listening ear, the needed support, and the encouragement that lifts one’s spirit.

She believes that a little help can bring the most significant change in your life. She’s the podcast and radio show host of “Queen Talk” She uses her platform to encourage fellow women to shed their last tear and fix their crowns because it is their time to shine. Fiona strongly believes in, "Forward ever, backward never!" words that she lives by daily. When she is not helping and serving people, she loves trying new cuisines, traveling, reading, and most notably writing. 

Dear Queen Hear God’s Wisdom now available at

Social Media: Dear Queen Foundation (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

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